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iSkysoft DVD Library for Mac
  • Product : DVD-Library for Mac
  • License : Free Trial;
  • Price :$29.00
  • OS Supported : Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 X Leopard) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc.
  • Date Added : 2010-04-06
  • Support : sales-hm1@iskysoft.com
DVD-Library lets you catalog, manage and backup your DVDs on Mac in a visual library. Just enter part of the title or UPC of the DVD (including Blu-ray DVDs), DVD-Library will automatically retrieve the DVD's cover and all relevant info from Amazon, quick and easy. DVD-Library for Mac also allows you to backup DVDs to .dvdmedia files on Mac with one click. Your DVD movie is now at your fingertips and you can enjoy them anytime you want.

User guide about iSkysoft DVD Library for Mac
Build a photographic DVD Library on Mac

Use the UPC or DVD title to retrieve the DVD’s cover and all pertinent information from Amazon, and all DVDs will display in list or cover view.

Build a visual DVD library on Mac, including your own DVD collection, either purchased or self-produced, and the DVDs you want to purchass.

Catalog DVD collections by actors, directors, years, or genres automatically, save you the trouble of organizing your large DVD collections manually.

Find hottest DVDs or new releases on Amazon easily, and it will be sorted to Haven’t Bought It category if you add the DVDs to your library.

Build a photographic DVD Library on Mac

Manage your DVD collection easily on Mac

Have a complete inventory of your DVDs (including Blu-ray DVDs) on your Mac in a well organized way.

Keep track of borrowed DVDs, this smart app will remember when and to whom your DVDs are lent out.

Find DVDs you’ve seen, not seen, lent out, purchased, and wish to buy with Filter. To avoid duplicate purchase, you can check it in your library first.

To save you time and effort, DVD-Library allows you to browse your DVDs by title, artist, directors and genres.

Make full quality DVD backups on your Mac

Convert DVD

Backup your DVD movies to .dvdmedia files on Mac for convenient entertainment and keep the DVD disc safely on shelf to avoid being scratched.

Backup your favorite DVD movies or TV shows to your MacBook, and enjoy them on the fly.

Make 1:1 full quality and exact copy of DVDs to Mac, with DVD menu, title, lanagues and all other extras, just like your original DVD.

Share DVD backups, instead of DVD disc, with your friends. In this way, you DVDs will avoid damage caused by lending DVD discs.

Convert DVDs for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and more

With iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac installed, you can directly convert DVD backups for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, mobile phone and more.

DVD to iPod, iPhone, etc.

iSkysoft released DVD-Library for Mac v2.0.0Major Update! March 25, 2010
  1. Overhauled interface for totally redesigned DVD management features
  2. Provides Top10 hot DVDs and new releases list on Amazon
  3. Mark DVD as different status (if it has been lent or not, seen or not) and use filter to check
  4. Supports manually adding rating, comment, purchase date, borrow date, and DVD borrower information
  5. Supports searching DVDs in library
  6. Browse DVDs in list or grid view, and sort them by title, rating, run time and so forth
  7. Added Amazon user reviews to DVD info
  8. Browse DVD by actors, directors, years or genres
  9. Able to work with DVD Ripper to convert DVDs for mobile devices
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