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FLV Editor Ultimate
  • Product : FLV Editor
  • License : Free Trial;
  • Price :$49.95
  • OS Supported : Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Size : 11 MB
  • Date Added : 2009-04-13
  • Support : +86-512-57017982; support@exp-flv.com
Overview of FLV Editor Ultimate
Moyea FLV Editor Ultimate is the most useful FLV editor which enables you to do any thing you like to FLV files. You can import MP3 and FLV files encoded with H.264, H.263, Flash 8, Flash 8 with alpha, Sorenson Spark, Nellymoser, etc. and export FLV, SWF, and HTML without any loss of quality. You can take it as an FLV joiner, FLV splitter, FLV cutter, FLV trimmer, FLV to lossless SWF converter, and MP3 to lossless FLV converter. With all thoughtful designs, you can not only edit the clips with buttons on Timeline Toolbar, but also with selections of undo, redo, trim blank, rename selected clip on right click menu on Timeline. You can even use short-cut keys to edit in detail. This program also cooperates well with YouTube FLV Downloader and FLV to Video Converter Pro 2, so that you can integrate all FLV fun together.With the perfect cooperation with and , you can download FLV, edit FLV, upload FLV to your website and blog, or convert FLV to formats for playing back on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Pocket PC, Zune, etc.

What's new on version

1. Added the function to export MP3.
2. F4V can be imported and edited.
3. Solved the problem that audio and video do not synchronize while export FLV.
4. Modified other bugs.
5. Display video and audio information in Resource List.
Why choose FLV Editor Ultimate? What can I do with it?

Maybe you want to edit FLV with Adobe Premiere but never find a solution. Why not choose Moyea FLV Editor Ultimate? It is much cheaper, but with useful functions. You can trim FLV, cut FLV, merge FLV, replace FLV audio, rip FLV video and audio, and add metadata and cue point. It will perfectly maintain the original quality and output in much shorter time than Adobe Premiere does.

Maybe you are running a website or having a blog, and would like to add video contents. Don't miss FLV Editor Ultimate. You will find that it is a friend in need. You don't need to pay a penny on purchasing video cameras, webcams, or other expensive devices for video capturing. All you need to do is to download the video with the free YouTube FLV Downloader, edit and export FLV, SWF, and HTML files with this FLV editor, and upload them online. One stitch saves nine. You can even convert MP3 files to FLV without any loss. Besides, you have options of 30 attractive player skins, 14 special effects, and 16 preloaders. You can also order your personalized player skins and preloaders. Just email support@exp-flv.com with the detailed requirements.

How to edit FLV and mp3 files?

This is the main interface of the software.

This is the tool bar, with these buttons you can import your FLV, export your FLV and save a project file.

Import FLV/MP3 to Resource List

You have three choices to import your FLV files:

Import FLV: Click Import in the main menu> FLV or click this button in the toolbar.

Import FLV (from Media Library): Click Import in the main menu> FLV (from Media Library) or click this button in the toolbar.

Import FLV (from IE Cache): Click Import in the main menu> FLV (from IE Cache) or click this button in the toolbar.

Import MP3 only in the resource list: Click Import in the main menu> MP3 or click this button in toolbar.

You also can import FLV by right click the resource list, and target the selected video.

After you import your FLV file you can see it on the preview window:

Export FLV/SWF

There are also three choices to export your FLV files:

Export FLV to your PC: Click Export in the main menu> FLV or click this button in the toolbar.

Export FLV (to FLV to Video Converter 2): If you have installed FLV to Video Converter Pro2. You can click Export in the main menu> FLV (to FLV to Video Converter 2) or click this button in the toolbar. And then you can use Pro2 to do further edit or convert it to regular video format.

Export FLV (to Media Library): If you have installed Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader. You can click Export in the main menu> FLV (to Media Library) or click this button in the toolbar.

Export SWF: Click Export in the main menu> SWF or click this button in the toolbar. Export SWF means you can add a control bar on your FLV video. Choose export SWF, went to this interface:

As you see, in here you can add your FLV video a player, a preloader and special effects. You also can set more things in Profile section. Like Skin auto hide, Auto play, Auto load or Navigation on click, Navigation at end etc.

Save a project file

You can save your un-finished work as a project file. So next time you can open the project file and continue to work on it.

Make a new project: Click File> New Project or click this button in toolbar. Every time your settings will be treated as a project by default and when you shut down this software, it will ask you whether you want to save it as a project.

Open project file: Click File> Open Project or click this button in toolbar.

Save project: Click File> Save Project or click this button . If you have opened a project, when you click save button, your settings will be saved in the same project file. But if you want to save your settings as a new project, you can click File> Save Project AS?

Edit FLV

To edit FLV, you just need to drag the specific FLV file or files to Timeline. With the buttons on Timeline Toolbar, you can edit FLVs freely.

Link: Select the unlinked FLV video and audio with the help of "Ctrl" on keyboard, you can link move them together.

Unlink: By clicking this button, you can rip video and audio of a selected FLV file on Timeline.

Scissor: While the FLV on Timeline is playing, you can click this button to cut the FLV at the point where it?s playing. Or you can drag the pointer to the right time point and cut.

Delete: You can delete any selected part on Timeline, video, audio, or the whole FLV file.

Clear: Click the clear button and you can clear all clips on Timeline.

Undo: Revocation your step up setting.

Redo: Recovery your step up setting.

MetaData: Set the full message of the video.

CuePoint: Add cuepoint on your video.

The above settings also can be found in the right click menu on timeline. And you can trim blank between two clips and rename the selected clip.

Short-cut Keys

Ctrl + A: Selet all

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Ctrl + Left arrow button: Move to left

Ctrl + Right arrow button: Move to right

Preview window
Preview window
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